• Awais Yaqub

    on July 27, 2006

    Hi I have seen your galleries I am really admired by colors of your subjects very nice photography and people
    About forum good and bad people are everywhere infact people are not bad there they are just unknown to different cultures they never gave me a chance to speak they quote half of the part what I said and blah blah blah but yet I wont forgive a person who degraded our Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the forum yesterday and Phil’s non professional biased attitude that instead of banning him he banned me. It is useless to contribute in dpreview because it is ran by immature non profession person and Anne’s post was not because she was harassed by my email she just wanted to make fun out of me our discussion was going on some topic where she failed to produced argument and posted a thread in the forum. I am far more happy in www.dgrin.com (in past phil’s attitude was also biased) i never wanted t discuss religion few people wanted me to do to fuel the situation i didn't knew they are that =much hostile that they will ground my reputation in forum by twisting realities
    Sad but thats life i am enjoying it now i want to forget STF and dpreview
    once again great photos and colors feel free to catch me on email if you like